There are a number of services available with SafeTNet, a proactive IT support and services company that is based just outside of London. We are a company that supports businesses with the IT problems and even helps to resolve them. There are a number of services that we offer, but perhaps our most popular would be the Proactive Maintenance with 24-hour monitoring. Not sure what that is? Well, let me explain a little bit about it. 

To begin with, we will review your current IT systems, see if there are any problems, make recommendations for improvements as well as carry out the installations. Once this is done, we will then install a program to ensure that we can monitor your system remotely from our offices.

There are a number of benefits to being able to remotely monitor our It systems. The chief amongst them would be that any issues would be spotted instantly. Monitoring your systems around the clock can then inform us of any problems that arise. The result of this is that since we have remote access to your systems, we will be able to either fix them ourselves or have them fixed, reducing any costly downtime and allowing your team to remain at peak productivity.  

This is also a great way to improve your cybersecurity. Security will always be a concern for any company and business owner. Having up to date security systems will only take you so far. Having your system monitored means that we will monitor the firewall and the anti-virus solutions that you use to ensure that they are working properly. We can also update and maintain them to minimise any risk. 

This all results in much greater efficiency by your team and by your systems. You will not be forced to have long periods of time when your system will be down and you cannot do any work. This means that your team’s time will be optimised. With your system being updated and any issues being resolved, your system will run more effectively and efficiently. Without waiting for your screen to load constantly your team will be able to get more work done. 

There is a financial benefit for having us monitor and manage your IT systems. You will not have to pay for an in-house team to do it for you and the result is much more cost-effective to have it outsourced. 

We offer a range of services, but our most popular would be this one. It optimises your team’s time, ensures that your systems run safely, efficiently as well as securely. It also saves you money! To find out more, visit our website on 

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