Cookie Policy

What We Use Cookies For

We use cookies to track activity on our Service and store some information during your use of the website. You are able to refuse all Cookies or show when a Cookie is being sent, but if you refuse Cookies then you might not be able to use all of the website.

There are two categories of Cookies used, Persistent Cookies and Session Cookies. A Persistent Cookie is a Cookie that stay on your device when you go offline whereas a Session Cookie is deleted when you close your browser.


Types Of Cookies Used

Essential Cookies

The Essential Cookies that are used are Session Cookies that we use to provide you with the services available through the website and they enable the use of some of the features. They are used to help authenticate users and to prevent fraudulent use of accounts. Without these Cookies, the services cannot be provided and we only use these Cookies to provide you those services.

Notice Acceptance Cookies

The Notice Acceptance Cookies are Persistent Cookies that we provide so that we can identify if you have accepted the use of cookies for the website.

Functionality Cookies

The Functionality Cookies are Persistent Cookies that allow us to remember choices that you have made on the website, such as remembering login details. These Cookies save you time with each subsequent visit to the website.