Remote Managing Service

SafeTNet provides a remote management services for your network. This is done through the use of software we install onto your network. Using this software we are able to manage all the activities on the network as well as the servers, workstations or endpoint from our offices.

Some of the features that come with using remote management are that your network can have tasks automated, problems can be solved without need for the client to take action and perform PSA integration.

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Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote Management often works with Remote Monitoring, know as Remote Monitoring And Management, RMM. Remote Monitoring refers to the specification that allows a network’s operational activities to be monitored using remote devices, whereas Remote Management refers to the actual managing of a network from a remote location. Benefits of using RMM include helping small and medium businesses, SMBs, with enterprise level automation and monitoring, ensuring optimal network security, enhance system performance, detect issues before cause a critical failure and ensure better end-user productivity.